High Performance Transmission Shafts

At Performance Products & Machining Our high performance transmission shafts are manufactured from 300M and hardened to meet your high performance transmission needs. So please Contact us today for pricing.

Ford AODE/4R70W Intermediate Shaft - Billet 300M Heat Treated

Ford 4R100 Input Shaft - Billet 300M Heat Treated

Ford C6 Input Shaft. We carry 30/31 Spline and 31/31 Spline. Billet 300M Heat treated.

Ford C4 Input Shaft - Billet 3300M Heat Treated 24/26 spline.

GM Powerglide Input Shaft - Billet 300M Heat Treated.

GM 4L65/4L60E Input Shaft - Billet 300M Heat Treated.

GM TH400 Intermediate Shaft with holes - Billet 300M Heat Treated.

GM TH400/4L80E Forward Clutch Hub - 4140 Steel

GM 4L60 / 700R4 Input Shaft - Billet 300M Heat Treated

Dodge 518 / 618 / 47RE / 48RE Input Shaft & Hub - Billet shaft made from 300M Heat Treat, Billet Hub made from 4340 Heat Treated.

INPSD-400-GM (without holes)
INPSD-400WH-GM (with holes)
GM TH400 Input Shaft & Forward Drum - Billet 300M Heat Treated Shaft. Input Shaft & Drum sold with or without holes.
No lube holes
**To be used with Bushed Converter Only**

Ford AOD Input Shaft- OE design 1980-1993. Billet 300M Heat Treated

Ford AOD Input Shaft- Modified non lock-up Shaft w/single set of C6 splines at converter end. Billet 300M Heat Treated.

GM 4L70E Input Shaft with reluctor teeth for sensor. 2005-Up. Billet 300M Heat Treated.

GM Main Shaft- no lube holes 1999-Up. Billet 300M Heat Treated.

OUTS-3504x4S-GM -
GM 350 Output Shaft- 4x4, 9 5/8" Long. No governor gear. Billet 300M Heat Treated.

RACES-400-GM -
GM Race, Intermediate Sprag (Inner Race). Billet 8620 Heat Treated.

INTS-518/618-CH -
Dodge 46RE/47RE/48RE Intermediate Shaft - 1994-Up. Billet 300M Heat Treated

OUTS-518/618-CH -
Dodge 46RE/47RE/48RE Output Shaft - 4x4, 1991-Up. Billet 4340 Heat Treated.